In a Galaxy [not so very] far away: LBAC Travel Visits Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge!

By Sarah Chapman, LBAC Travel Dream Vacation MakerContact Sarah here!

“The longing you seek is not behind you. It is in front of you.”

-Maz Kanata, Star Wars Being

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge is the much anticipated new addition to both Disneyland and Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World.  This new land is unlike any other either park! It’s a never before seen, completely immersive atmosphere within a theme park.  Once you enter the realm of Black Spire Outpost on Batuu, you become a traveler in this Universe and encounter fun adventures around every corner.  During a recent preview event at Walt Disney World, we were able to explore all that Galaxy’s Edge has to offer.  Here are my top 5 Reasons You Must visit Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge:

5.  The Shopping Experiences

In Black Spire Outpost souvenir shopping becomes an experience in and of itself.  The two most popular shops are the Droid Depot and Savi’s Workshop.  Both experiences currently require an advance reservation, but the experience is worth the reservation and the price tag.  At the Droid Depot you customize your own Droid picking the parts and pieces, putting him (or her) together, and activating it.  The remote control droids are tons of fun once you get home, but as you walk around Black Spire Outpost your Droid will interact with various elements and characters within the land.  Because of this we recommend you construct your Droid early in the day of your visit.  Savi’s Workshop is where you can build your own Lightsaber.  Not only do you totally customize and construct your lightsaber, you participate in a whole ceremony in the process including choosing the crystal that will determine the color of your blade.  In the Outpost you’ll find Dok-Onder’s Den of Antiquities where you can browse through all sorts of memorabilia for purchase (including additional crystals and accessories for your lightsaber).  Just walking around in the shop is an experience.  There is also an outside marketplace with stalls selling wares that look handcrafted like toys and souvenirs, along with pets and animals you might find in Batuu.  If you are looking for merchandise that says Galaxy’s Edge you won’t find it here—remember you are IN the Universe.  You can purchase those items outside the land in Hollywood Studios.

4.  Oga’s Cantina

By far, Oga’s Cantina is the must see spot in Black Spire Outpost.  You will need a reservation to enter the Cantina, but once you are inside you can enjoy some really good themed beverages.  The menu includes both alcoholic and non-alcoholic specialty drinks that you would expect to find in a Star Wars setting.  We enjoyed the Fuzzy Tauntaun (alcoholic) that comes with “Buzz Button Tingling” Foam—which truly makes your entire mouth and lips tingle, and the Blue Bantha which is the famous blue milk served with a sugar cookie (non-alcoholic).  The atmosphere of Oga’s is interactive and completely themed.  All around you’ll find props to examine on the bar and around the cantina.  There is a DJ playing music to keep the party lively, and you may recognize him as RX-24, the former StarSpeeder 3000 pilot droid.  Like all of Galaxy’s Edge there is a great back story to Oga’s Cantina so be sure to interact with your server to find out more.

3.  The Attractions

Right now you can experience Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run when you visit Galaxy’s Edge, but on December 5 the second attraction in the land, Rise of the Resistance will open.  During the preview we were able to take several rides on Smugglers Run.  This is a very different type of Disney attraction that literally puts you in the pilot’s seat.  And who doesn’t want to say they flew the Millennium Falcon?  The queue is chock full of props, and you’ll also encounter Hondo Ohnaka as you move through the line.  Each person is assigned a job to do once you enter the cockpit, and your performance makes a difference in how the ride plays out for your group.  6 people work together (2 pilots, 2 gunners & 2 flight engineers) to fly through the galaxy on their mission.  Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run is truly an attraction you have to experience (probably multiple times)—we rated it 2 thumbs up!

2.  The Food

When creating Black Spire Outpost Disney’s culinary teams put together menus that would reflect foods one might find out in the galaxy.  Galaxy’s Edge does not have a table service option, but there are several interesting snack and quick service options for guests.  Ronto’s Roasters employs a podracer engine to roast meats which is the centerpiece of the covered open air eatery.  Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served.  Docking Bay 7 Food & Cargo has the biggest selection serving 3 meals a day.  They have salads, roast beef, fried chicken, and more including some really yummy desserts like the Batuu-bon and Oi-Oi Puff.  You’ll also find great snacks like the flavored popcorn at Kat Saka’s Kettle, the blue and green milk at the Milk Stand, and those cool Coke products in the specialty bottles.  It is fun to taste your way around Batuu.

1.  The Atmosphere

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge is like nothing you’ve experienced in a theme park before.  There are layers of theming that make the environment completely immersive.  You won’t find anything or anyone who doesn’t genuinely belong on Batuu.  As you stroll around you will encounter props upon props that set the scene as a galactic outpost full of various spaceships and droids.  You will hear the sounds of these ships and droids flying overhead as you visit—you won’t find a place in Batuu without sound effects (including the restrooms).  Nearly all of the signage is written in Aurebesh, which is the language/alphabet of Batuu.  Don’t be surprised to find roaming characters as you explore Black Spire Outpost.  We encountered Rey multiple times trying to escape the Storm Troopers who regularly patrol the Outpost.  Chewbacca was out walking around.  And as a traveler you are expected to interact and assist.  We ran into Vi (who is a resistance character found in Batuu), and we had to help hide her from the Storm Troopers.  This really makes the land an adventure at every turn.  But it isn’t only the main characters, each and every Cast Member working in Batuu has a backstory that fits into the Universe (from the ride attendants to the person working at the Coke cart).  Ask them who they are and engage in a conversation with them, they would love to share their story with you.  And on Batuu they have their own phrases it may be helpful to know:

  • “Bright Suns”  Good Morning or Hello
  • “Rising Moons”  Good Evening
  • “Well Bartered”  Thank you

. . . and many others you’ll learn as you explore Black Spire Outpost

Your LBAC Travel Dream Vacation Maker is ready to help you blast off to a galaxy far, far away and visit Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge! Contact Sarah for questions and more today by clicking here!

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