Just say yes to travel… (no matter what)!

Think back to an unexpectedly great trip. Maybe at first, you were unsure of the destination, or the timing was tough with your work schedule, or you just had too much on your plate, or money was tight. There are a million reasons (excuses) we can use to say no to travel, but sometimes saying yes can be just what we need to remind us of who we are, and why we love it!

My ‘excuse’ this time was, I was going to be alone in a new city in between business trips. Nowadays, ‘solo’ trips are all the rage, but sometimes, it’s easier to live vicariously through an Instagram solo traveler than actually experiencing it yourself. I found myself with a completely free Saturday in San Diego – a city I’ve never been to. I stayed at the Marriott Marquis Marina – which I highly recommend – its freeform pools surrounded by palm trees and waterfalls nearly lured me to remain laid out with a margarita in my hand for the day, but I decided that there’s always a pool, but there’s not always a new city to explore.

This hotel is located minutes from Seaport Village (a safe and comfortable walk). Seaport Village is home to souvenir shops and that picturesque San Diego Bay landscape. On Saturday morning, you can walk the docks and watch as fisherman bring in and sell local fish, oysters and more right from their boats. Oh, and jewelry stands nearby use those fresh oysters for pearls, which depending on your taste, may be preferred. Just a few minutes past Seaport Village is the USS Midway, the Bob Hope Memorial and the Unconditional Surrender statue (better known as the kissing statue). This was the best way to start my solo day in San Diego – taking in sights at my leisure, with plenty of other tourists doing the exact same thing.

The best thing about solo traveling in today’s world? Uber and Lyft. It’s easier than ever to go from place to place for anyone traveling these days. I grabbed an Uber to Ocean Beach, hoping to see those quintessential Pacific waves (and surfers!) and it did not disappoint! I grabbed a fish taco and a Bloody Mary at Wonderland Ocean Pub (highly recommended!) and sat at their ocean front, second floor window. Here’s my perfect California view:

On my way to Ocean Beach, my informative and super sweet Uber driver told me about Sunset Cliffs and how it was close to Ocean Beach…which quickly became my favorite stop of the day. Sunset Cliffs Natural Park is anything you want it to be. If you’re looking to stop at the overlook for a quick picture of that perfect Pacific Ocean View (and photo), it’s that. If you’d like to go catch some waves or sunbathe, it’s that too. If you’re looking to hike on top of the cliffs and rocks – go for it. I fell somewhere in the middle. I’m not always the biggest fan of hiking alone (I can hear my Mom’s voice in my head, be careful, don’t fall off a cliff!) So I try to keep it short, and safe! But wow these views made it all worthwhile:

More in town, the Gaslamp district is a great destination for any type of cuisine you could imagine, but honestly, my favorite food in San Diego was (of course) Mexican! How can you go wrong?

Gaslamp Quarter, San Diego

The moral of my story? Say yes to new travel adventures, no matter the circumstance! My solo Saturday in San Diego is something I will always remember and now advocate for! There are so many places in this world to explore, we can’t always be picky as to how we get to see them!

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