A Family “First” Vacation

Earlier this spring, the extended Henn family, four generations in total, decided to pack our bags and head to warm and sunny Orlando, Florida. Our plan was to have some time in the parks, time to relax and most importantly, time to make some fun memories together as a family. Contact the LBAC Travel team today to plan your trip!

After getting the all-clear to fly from her pediatrician, we began making plans for our extended family vacation or should I call it a family adventure? In addition to my granddaughter Charlotte, Brian and I were traveling with Charlotte’s mom, my five children aging in range from 7-25 and my mother-in-law and her husband, so as you can imagine, there were a lot of personalities to please. Taking everyone’s travel styles into consideration, we decided to rent a villa at the Reunion Resort located just 15 minutes from Walt Disney World and 30 minutes from Universal Studios.  We had hoped to visit Walt Disney World with Charlotte for the first time, but due to the need for park reservations and it being spring break, we decided to go to “plan B” and experience Universal Parks and Volcano Bay with Charlotte for the first time. We had the absolute best time!

The rider swap option at Universal proved to be a huge benefit for us, as it allowed my entire family to wait in line together and then all but one person could ride, while that person stayed with the baby in a designated waiting area. Once they were done riding, we could swap and the person that waited had a chance to ride without having to wait in line. This person was also able to go on the ride with up to five of our family members, which meant that our thrill riders got to ride many rides two times in a row. We enjoyed so many rides together as a family from Fast and Furious to Transformers. Family time continued at Volcano Bay as well, where we found the perfect spot to lounge and create a home base so that we always had a meeting spot to come back to after rides and of course a place in the shade for Charlotte to hang out in. 

This week together was so special for us as a family on many levels. It was our granddaughter’s first trip, it was also the first time we were all together on a family vacation since pre-pandemic days! Staying at the Villa provided the perfect home-base. Where we could come together for meals or hang out and swim in the backyard pool. It provided the chance for Charlotte to take her first swim and for our entire family to relax and truly enjoy each other’s company without the day-to-day stresses getting in the way, and still having our privacy, (a luxury that can be hard to come by on a vacation!)

When you are ready to plan your next extended family getaway whether it be domestic or international, please contact the LBAC Travel Team. We know just how important it is to find the ideal location and accommodations so that everyone can enjoy a relaxing and memorable vacation together. 

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