Giving the Gift of Travel

LBAC Travel Advisor, Stephanie Weiss shares why no matter the occasion, travel is the best gift to give! Contact Stephanie for questions and to book your next trip!

The holiday season can be a wondrous time full of joy, tasty treats, togetherness…and all too often STRESS. Weaving its way through the festive gatherings and family traditions is the burning desire to find the perfect gifts for our loved ones. So, what can you do when the thought of giving yet another generic gift has you ready to give up and say Bah Humbug?

First start with a change of mindset. One of the most valuable things we possess is time, so for a stand out gift that keeps on giving try putting the focus on gifts that provide experiences and opportunities to make memories. For some examples it could be something as simple as a dinner date, more elaborate like a full day outing to the city to take in a Broadway Show, personal like private lessons, or my personal favorite -the Gift of Travel! Be it a fully planned getaway or a gift certificate for the recipient to use for their own plans, a Gift of Travel is sure to be one that wows. But don’t just take my word for it, instead let me share an experience from my own family where we surprised our kid’s with a Disney Cruise for Christmas.

It started with a desire to do something special instead of adding another toy that would quickly lose its appeal and take up space. We didn’t want to interrupt holiday plans with our families by leaving right away so we selected a date in January that worked with our schedules and booked a three-night Cruise to the Bahamas on the beautiful Disney Dream. Keeping this secret leading up to Christmas took a lot of willpower but we kept busy by planning the reveal. After considering a variety of possibilities like a treasure map, scavenger hunt clues, a jigsaw puzzle that made a picture of the ship, and many more we decided to go with something simple but fun. We found a great big box, filled it with new swim suits, goggles, beach toys, and balloons that announced the surprise, and then wrapped it in festive paper and tied it up with a big bow before putting it under (well next to, it was really big!) the tree. Come Christmas morning the kids each had a few special things to open and then when they thought everything was done they discovered that last box and the looks on their faces when they realized what it all meant was truly priceless. It remains one of their favorite Christmas gifts and we can’t wait for more opportunities to fuel their wanderlust with the Gift of Travel in the future.

So the next time you find yourself at a loss when shopping for a gift- be it holiday, birthday, anniversary, or anything in-between – don’t forget the power of the Gift of Travel to make dreams come true.

Contact Stephanie, LBAC Travel Dream Vacation Maker for help making you a gift giving superstar!

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