Know before you go: 10 travel tips that will make all the difference!

By Sarah Chapman, LBAC Travel Dream Vacation Maker – Contact Sarah here!

To borrow a line from Farmers Insurance: We know a thing or two about travel because we’ve traveled a time or two. Your LBAC Travel Dream Vacation Makers have a lot of combined travel experience worldwide, whether it is on professional education trips or personal vacations. Over the years we have learned many tips & tricks to share with you when preparing for your vacation adventures.

1. Make a packing list
As you prepare for your vacation, start a basic list of things you will need. Make it as detailed as possible and include all of the little day to day items you might forget, like a hairbrush. With all of the excitement and anticipation of your trip, it is very easy to forget something, so a detailed checklist is always helpful. Often your LBAC Travel Dream Vacation Maker will send a recommended packing list for some destinations.

2.  Carry Cash 
In our world of digital payments and credit cards, it is still a good idea to carry some cash on your vacation (protecting it wisely of course). Small bills are also recommended so that you have some $1’s and $5’s to tip bellmen, drivers, tour leaders, etc.

3.  Make your bag stand out 
If you have a generic suitcase like a standard black one, you might want to “enhance” it so that it stands out on the baggage carousel. Adding some decorative tape to it or a colorful luggage strap will help you find your bag quickly and avoid the mistake of someone else grabbing your black suitcase thinking it is their black suitcase.

4.  Pack some snacks 
You never know what type of wait you may encounter in the airport terminal and you may not want to be at the mercy of what is available there to purchase. Snacks are also nice to have on the plane (for both children and adults)

5. Have an emergency contact
Choose someone who is close to you to share all of your trip details with including your flight schedule and flight numbers, your resort or cruise line (with contact information), any excursions you may be going on and any other pertinent details for your trip. You may also consider giving that person a photocopy of the front page of your passport, just in case you lose it while on vacation this could help expedite the process of replacing it. Also, let a trustworthy neighbor know you are traveling to keep an eye on your house while you are gone.

6. Pack your medications in a carry- on
It is important to pack all of your needed daily medications in a carry-on bag. This way you have them with you as you need them and you don’t risk the bag being lost or delayed while on vacation with your needed medications in it.

7. Valuables
It is wise to minimize the amount of valuables you take with you on vacation. For those that you do decide to carry, we recommend you wear them or pack them in a carry-on bag. This way they are with you at all times and not out of your sight.

8. Cross pack
If you are traveling with a companion or your family, it is smart to split up each person’s clothing into various suitcases (making sure you put complete outfits together). This way if one person’s bag is lost or delayed by the airline everyone will still have some clothes in the bags that did make it to your destination.

9. Flash Light
Always pack a flash light. Even with the lights on our phones these days, a compact but powerful flashlight can come in handy. Resorts are susceptible to power outages just like our homes so it is good to be prepared. Flashlights also come in handy if you are sharing a room with your family and you get up first to get ready.

10. Carry-On Bag
In addition to the items we’ve already recommended to pack in your carry-on, try to fit a full outfit with a pair of shoes and undergarments. You may need it before you get your luggage if you are using a service at your resort that delivers your bags for you (like Disney’s Magical Express), and if your luggage is lost you will have at least one change of clothes. Throw in a bathing suit as well if you are on a vacation where you plan on swimming or visiting a beach-just in case!

Contact Sarah Chapman, LBAC Travel Dream Vacation Maker by clicking here and to book your trip today!

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